Webinar No. 6 - 8 December, 2021: Measurement and strengthening of the EPHF: the experience of countries in the Region of the Americas

The renewed EPHF is part of the stewardship role of health authorities to strengthen and transform health systems towards universal health.

Webinar No. 5 - November 19, 2021: Right to Health, Social Participation, and the Strengthening of the EPHF

The Region of the Americas has historically stood out for promoting political and administrative transformations in favor of greater democratization of health systems, bringing decision-making lev

Webinar No. 4 - September 17, 2021: Improving the quality of care in the delivery of health services

As part of the webinar series on the essential public health functions (EPHF), organized by PAHO/HSS and within the framework of the 

Webinar No. 3 - July 12, 2021: Policy development from an integrative perspective

Despite the progress made in recent decades in health systems in the region of the Americas, with increased health financing, coverage and technological advances and greater health services infras

Webinar No. 2 - 18 May, 2021: Monitoring universal health in the era of COVID-19

To improve public health, health authorities need to evaluate the health status of their communities, identify variations in health status, and analyze the factors contributing to poor health.

Webinar No. 1 - 23 April, 2021: Access barriers to achieve universal health in the era of COVID-19

As COVID-19 has highlighted, some people are able to have better access to health services than others – mainly due to numerous barriers that hamper access to needed health services.